November ramblings from the Boy Tom – Lockdown 2.0

Well how are yu all a’gettin on t’gether?
Here we go for the secon time, I am a’talkin about the “lock down” not about Mr Trump a’winin another go in the White House
I say t’the Missus thas a bit like we are a couple of old hedgehogs a’hibinatin for the winter,…. she dint say anything…. she just gi me one o’har looks.
  At least we can get out inta the garden & I am still a’gettin out on my old bike every day.   Du yu know that today (4th Nov.) is the fust mornin this Autumn that Jack Frorst hev left his callin card.    That ount du any harm cos we hev got most o’the Miissus tender plants inta the green house,    The Dahlias are still a’flowerin but this here cold weather all soon trim them out.   I will dig um up, knock all the earth orf,  trim all the green tops orf  und turn them upside down in the green house t’dry out, arter that hev happened I bury them in a bed o’sand under one o’the green house benches until next year.     I’ll tell yu suffin I hev got forrud with, I hev sown some Sweet Peas inta sum compost, they are in the greenhouse at the moment,  as soon as they have chitted I’ll be a’puttin them outside in the cold frame for the rest o’the winter.
Thas bin suffin wet since I last hed a wud a’long w’yu. Tuther day I were a talkin to somebody who farm in “The Saints”.   Thas a group o’ seven villages all called arter different Saints.  They lie just over the border in Suffolk tuther side o’Bungay. Thas sum heavy old land there und this farmer I were a talkin to recon that were to wet to get on his land t’drill his winter corn so he was spinnin it on with a’fertilizer spreader.   When I talk about heavy land I mean that the soil hev got a lot o’clay in it, light land hev got a lot o’sand init.    When yu plough heavy land the soil tun over in big lumps und shine when the sun git ion it,   my dear old Father used to recon that looked like liver und he used t’recon that you could git hold o’one end o’the furrow und pull the whole lot outa the field cos that were all stuck t’gether , mind yu I never did see him try it?
As I were a sayin earlier they are election a new President over the pond.   A time I am a writing this they don’t know who hev got the job.    I wonder how many on yu would want a job like that when yu are seventy four year old.   I know I won’t.  Still That give us suffin else t’talk about und perhaps some folk would recon that we are lucky that neither on um are in charge over here.  There are folk, here about, who keep a runnin on about how them up a Whitehall don’t know what they are a’duin.   Now hold yu hard cos I recon that none on us would want their jobs,  nobody hev ever ha’a face anything like this here coronavirus a’fore.     I know they may hev bin a bit slow orf the mark sum times but if we are t’git the better of this here virus we hev got to do our bit und du what they are a tellin us t’du when they tell us.  Thas no good a’thinkin that that “won’t happen t’me”   cos how du yu know that?
Durin the Autumn the Missus & I hev tried t’git out to some of them gret old parks that we hev got here in Norfolk.    One o’un I like is Holkham Park . I hev bin a’goin there for a lot o’years cos I used t’du some business along with the estate when they kept a large flock of sheep ( 1000 ewes) in the park which they grazed along side the Deer.     Now the sheep hev gone but the deer are still there & I like takin photos on um.   There used t’be Red & Fallow Deer there but now there’s only Fallow deer.    At this time o’year when the Deer are a’ruttin we go und stand quietly in the trees in the park und wait for the deer to come towards us so we can photograph them.    A year or two ago when we were there the Missus & I were standin about 20yards apart a Farrow Deer Stag cum und walked between us.  The thing was the Missus were a facing away from me und I dussont say anything cos I would hev frightened the Stag.
Well them old Canaries are a doin alright, although that du seem funny t’see them a’playin with-out any folk there to cheer them on.    I hev bin a’watchin them on my TV & computer.    The trouble is I forget I’m not there und start a shoutin und carryon on.   The Missus keep a’tellin me t’hold my row cos she recon the neighbours will hear und wonder what we are up to.    I tell har she’s lucky that arter Fifty years she lucky she hev still got a husband who hev still got that much go in him.   She dint say anything….. she just gi me one of har looks.
Keep save all on ya.
Fare ye well und du yu keep a’troshin.
The Boy Tom