The Boy Tom for December

How are yu all a’gettin on t’gether?
I am a’writin this on the last day o’November so tomorrow we’ll be a’movin inta the last month o’the year.   Thas bin a rummin old year, I don’t think any on us could hev known what were a’goin t’happen when we tunned the key & opened the door on the fust o’January 2020.   Thas a’goin t’be a rummin old Christmas un all,    Them up at Whitehall are a’sayin how many folk we can meet und where we can meet them,  thas only one Christmas und if we are to git the better of this here coronavirus then we will ha’a follow the rules. Corse they’ll be sum folk who will kick over the traces, good luck to um I say, less just hope there aren’t too many on um.      I think these here lockdowns hev drawn the best outa folk, where we live in the village we hev bin keepin an eye on each other und helping out where we can.
Although we are a’keepin away from shops the Missus & I hev bin trying t’git out a bit und going for walks round a bout und I hev bin a’gettin out on my old bike most days.   We hev bin doin out bit t’git the better of this here virus.    I ha’a fill in a form every week a’sayin if either of us hev got the virus und the Missus hev hed a covid home test.    That were a job, the kit arrived und she ha’a stick this here swab up har nose und down har throat . She used a mirror t’see what she was a’doin und when she hed finished the test that ha’a be kept in the fridge until somebody come with a gret old white van t’teake the swab to a labority some where.   T’day we give blood samples that are a’goin to be used in experiments und looking t’see if either on us hev hed the virus.
I heard on the TV tuther day that to get as many folk as possible vaccinated they are askin for folk t’help.    They recon they want retired Doctors, Dentists & Vets t’volunteer t’help give the vaccinating.    When I heard this I told the Missus that I were a’goin t’volunteer und all cos I hev done a lot o’vaccinating.    Several year ago I worked for a gret old Pharmaceutical Company und one of my jobs was t’show farmers how to vaccinate their animals.     I ha’a go on a course so a company vet could show me how to do it.  I ha’a vaccinate a sheep on the Monday & later in the week we ha’a look at the sheep agin t’see if there were any marks at the place where I hed put the needle in.   If there no marks then I hed done the job properly,   My sheep din’t hev any marks so I hed passed.  Another thing, when I told the Missus I were thinkin of volunteering…… she gi me one of har looks… und she  recon that folk might not like my bed side matter.    I hev also remembered suffin a vet said t’me one day when I asked him if he’ed show me how’ta stick a needle inta the vein in a cow’s neck….he said no cos he recon there were enough amateur butchers about with-out me joining them.
Cos another thing that hev changed is the way folk wark,  them who used t’go inta an office every day are now warkin from home.     One o’our boys used t’travel to America a lot, he’ed fly over on a Sunday night ,travel about & fly back at the end o’the week, now he do it all from a desk in his home with-out all that gadding about.  I’ll tell you suffin,   when we hev got this here virus stowed up in a corner und life start ticking over a’gin thas a’goin t’be different to the life we hev left behind.
I see that they are a’goin t’let folk back inta football grounds t’see their clubs play.   Them up at Carra Rood could du with some support although they are sittin in top spot they hev got a’lot of players who are injured.  Players seen to git injured a lot more that now than a few year a’go.   I recon that the pitches they play on now are so lush that the studs on the bottom of their boots grip tight when they try und stop or turn, this must put a lot o’strain on their leg muscles.   Tuther thing is that the boots they wear don’t support the feet at all, not like the one we used t’wear.  There hev bin a lot o’talk about players heading footballs und how that can damage the brain.   I know when I were a’playin we used a leather ball, und that did hurt when you headed it,  that were even worse when that were wet.   Mind you I din’t head the ball a lot corse I played in goal.
We hev hed a few fine days so I hev bin out in the garden barrowin & spreading  the compost on the garden.   I then ha’a turn this years compost inta a new bin so that’ll be ready t’spread out next Autumn.     Them old sweet pea seeds hev chatted so I hev moved them inta a cold frame for the rest o’the winter.  The cold mornings hev meant that the birds are drawin inta the garden arter the bird feed I put out,   this include an old Cock Pheasant who hev bin comin for a year or two now.
The Missus join me in wishing you all a Safe Christmas & New Year.
Fair ye well t’gether und do yu keep a’troshin,
The Boy Tom