2021 with the Boy Tom!

How are yu all a’gettin on t’gether?

I am a’written this twix Christmas und the New Year. Thas a job now we are in this here lock-down agin. Still if thas what we are a’goin t’hev t’du t’git this here coronavirus in a corner then so be it.

The Missus und I did git out a bit afore Christmas, we met one o’our Sons und his family at Thursford t’hev a look at the light show they were a puttin on cos they ha’a cancel their Christmas concerts. That were a rare good du, fust of all you went inta the sheds they hed tricolated up with traction engines in Christmas scenes, arter that yu went outside into a four acre field where there were life size animals dotted about all lit up, they recon these hed cum from China, there were a fun fair un all. The bit our Grand Daughter enjoyed the most were inside where they hed disco lights shining onto the floor with music coming out of sum speakers und that mist they can git that creep about just orf the floor. Har Father had a master job t’git har outa there.

Arter we hed bin there the Missus und I driv down to coast t’see if we could see the Santa Special Steam Train that were a runnin twix Sheringham und Holt. When we fust see the train that were a’sittin in the station with folk getting ready to git on board so we drew down the road a bit und were able t’see it when that were a’goin along all lit up. We then had a drive round t’see if we could see it agin und we ended a’drivin up a farm track und parkin on the edge of a field. When we were a’sittin there in the dark awaiting for the train I say the Missus “we han’t sat in the dark in a car like this since afore we were married”…..although that were suffin dark I could tell she were given me one o’har looks. Arter we hed seen the train agin on its way back t’Sheringham I ha’a back down the farm track t’the road cos I dussent try und tun round in the field. I recon thas a good job we hev a car with a reversing camera on, then we driv further along the coast t’hev a look at the Christmas tree at Wells made outa crap pots, arter that we driv home.

Well them up at Whitehall hev done a BREXIT deal with them over the water.
Most on um seem happy with it although I recon there’ll be suffin that’ll crawl outa the 1500 page agreement that’ll upset folk. I recon we are a’goin t’see how that’ll wark once folk start a’goin across the water arter January 1st. I don’t recon the Missus und I will be a goin over there next year as our days of caravanning over the water hev finished. I recon you hev gotta know when t’stop und I recon we hev got there – still there’s plenty for us t’see this side o’the water with our caravan for a few more years yet.

These’s bin a rare lot o’rain durin the last ten days, on top o’everything else this year sum folk were tunned outa their houses cos they hed bin flooded. Theres water a’standin about on fields in the village where I hev never sin water a’standin afore. There were a mighty lot on it a’goin under the bridge on the Ovington Road when I drawed down t’hev a look und thas a bit dawby when I crowd my old bike along the footpath twix Caudle Springs & the main road. Thas bin a job und a half for farmers t’git their old sugar beet orf und away to the factory. Still most o’their machines run on these h gret old tyres now that don’t damage the soil to much. That’ll ha’a dry out afore they can travel on it agin in the Spring

Them boys up at Carra Rood are a’playin well at the moment, although they did lose tuther night when they played agin Watford. Still they can’t win every game und they are still top o’the division. As I hev told you afore I can watch most o’the games now on my TV. The trouble is I think I am in the crowd at the ground und when I start a hollering und shouting the Missus git a bit worried cos she recon I might hev a heart attack. That remind me of when I were a watching a rugby match on the TV when our children were small. – I think that were England playing Scotland at Murreyfield. When I started a’shoutin one on um asked their Mother if they could hear me at the ground.

Well I recon that by the time yu read this we’ll hev started drawin a new furrow across 2021. Less hope the furrow stay straight with-out to many kinks in it. But what with the coronavirus und BREXIT I won’t bet against there being a few bends on our furrow. I hope that they can git these vaccines out so that’ll giv us a bit o’protection. Sum folk recon that when we hev hed the vaccination things will return to normal. I recon that the new normal aint a’goin to be like the old normal. If this here virus hev taught us anything thas taught us to value things differently, Health und happiness is more important than the size of your house und car or how many holidays abroad you take in a year.

Stay safe all on ya,

fare ye well t’gether und du yu keep a’troshin.

The Boy Tom