The Boy Tom’s February ramblings

Well How are yu all a’gettin on t’gether?
Thas a new year und a new way o’doin things.    Who would hev thought when I were a’puttin pen t’peaper this time last year things were a’goin t’change so much!    I don’t recon life will ever be the same as it was in 2019.
i can’t remember the last time I put any fuel inta the car und hev nearly forgotten what the inside of our local shops look like.   The Missus & I do git out t’go for a walk at the Millennium Green  und I still git out on my old bike most days. Apart from that we keep close t’home.    We hev had our fust jabs but that han’t changed what we do , und won’t even arter we hev had our second jab. One good thing is I han’t gotta t’hev the caravan serviced this year, cos that only went out once arter bein serviced last year.
I still keep a’readin in the peaper about folk who keep a drivin inta the county from other parts o’the country.    The local police are a catchin them with a bit o’kit that read their car number plates und that tell them where their car come from.  Cos years ago that were easy t’tell where a car cum from cos every county hed set letters on the number plates.    When I were a boy I seem t’remember my Father’s AA book hevin a page where all the county’s letters were listed.    Norfolk’s registration letters were AH, NG & PW . Great Yarmouth had its own letters  EX.
The old ground is still suffin wet, since I last hed a wud along with yu old Mother Nature hev bin a serving up snow, rain, frost und a bit o’sun all with plenty o’wind.  The snow only lasted long enough for the youngsters to build a snow man.  Do you know ,there’s water a’standin about in our garden where I hev never sin water a’standin during the last fifty years.
  I’m pleased I hev got my old hins under cover cos that mean that they aren’t gettin all wet und claggy.  That don’t du them any good und that mean when they lay any eggs they are kept clean.   Sum on yu may hev heard that there were a local outbreak of Avion (Bird) Flu just a’fore the turn o’the year.  That meant that the poultry involved in the outbreak ha’a be destroyed  und other poultry keepers nearby ha’a keep their birds inside und couldn’t cart them about.
Cos years ago, afore they were vaccinated, Fowl Pest used to be a real killer for poultry keepers.    Fowl Pest were what they call “A Notifiable Disease” which mean’t if your poultry got fowl pest they ha’a be destroyed und the government payed you compensation.     They used to recon that there were a large poultry farmer in Norfolk, I arn’t  a’goin t’tell yu who that was, who used to git fowl pest t’pay his feed bill. Cos Norfolk hev bin a rare place for big poultry farmers , as well as Turkeys, Duck, Broilers,  there used t’be a lot o’layin hins kept just down the road towards Thetford at East Wretham,  durin the late 1950s a farmer called Jack Eastwood started keepin layin hins in cages in great old sheds to produce eggs for the supermarkets that were gettin about.   He hed his own feed mill und used the manure from the hins on the farm that grew Barley und Wheat t’be used at the feed mill.   He also hed his own egg packing station sellin the eggs under the name Day Lay, sum on yu may remember it?
  Durin the 1970s I were a warkin for a big Pharmaceutical company und Mr Eastwood was one o’my biggest customers. I used t’sell him products for cleaning dirty eggs, we supplied with a bit of kit to do this called a Roto-maid. We also supplied them with disinfectants und fly control products.  Another big customer were Sainsburys who hed an egg packing station at Kenninghall.
I were a’goin t’tell you about one of the presents the Missus give me for Christmas, Thas one o’them things that yu can talk to und ask t’du things.   She’s called Alexa, I hev rigged har up in my study und so far I hev asked har to play me sum music und find a local radio station. If I order suffin to be delivered she also tell me when thas a’cumin:  I’ll tell yu suffin, she’s ever so polite und don’t give me one o’har looks, like the Missus, if I say or do suffin she don’t agree with.
A’time I am a’writin this (30th Jan) there seem to be a rare old row a’goin on between them up at Whitehall und them over the water about the supply of the coronavirus vaccine.    That look as if, for once, them up at Whitehall hed got their act together und signed contracts for the supply of vaccine afore them over the water got round to signing their contracts. You know how difficult that is t’git twenty seven folk to agree on suffin, just imagine what that must be like t’git twenty seven countries agreeing suffin.  That may be one good thing to come outa us a’leaven the EEC.
Well Spring is just around the corner, the days are a’drawin out und ,despite all the wet weather, bulbs are a poking through in the garden und some shrubs are budding up und them old Aconites & Snowdrops are in flower.  The garden is too dawby to be jamming about on at the moment so I am keeping orf.   Thas the RSPB Big Bird Survey this week-end so I’ll be a’doing that tomorrow.    Thas a’goin t’be cold tonight so there should be plenty of birds about tomorrow arter the feed I put  out.    I hev bin trying to photograph the Jackdaws that come inta the garden, they crafty old devils und don’t stay long on the bird table for long, even though I’m hidden away in my old shed a’lookin through some camouflage netting I hev rigged up. Still I recon if they’re hungry enough I should git a photo or two.   I’ll let you know if I do.
Stay Safe all on yu und du yu keep a’troshin.
The Boy Tom