How are yu all a’gettin on t’gether?

Since I last hed a wud a’long with yu them up at Whitehall hev got out a “Roadmap” which they recon is a’goin t’see us out of this here lockdown und keep the coronavirus stowed up in a corner. This here roadmap is suffin that’ll wark as long as all on us are following the same map? We all know that there’ll be some folk who’ll be following a different one, less hope there aren’t to many on um!

Well old Mother Nature hev bin a’hullin some rare cold weather at us durin February. As well as the cold winds there was sum snow as well. That weren’t to bad although the police were a’tellin folk not t’drive unless they hed to. There were pictures in the peaper und on the TV of farmers who were a’helpin keeping the roads open und meakin sure Carers could git to their patients who were stowed up in their homes.
Seeing the snow layin about reminded me of the snow und frorst we hed durin the 1962/63 winter. That froze suffin hard afore Christmas. The old ground got so hard that meant we couldn’t git the old sugar beet outa the ground. Then that started a’snowin hard on New Years Eve I ha’a go t’wark the next morning , (there were no New Year’s day holiday then). I lived about eight miles from the farm I were a warkin on & ha’a git there on my little old scooter. The road were blocked w’snow drifts but I were able t’git round them on my little old bike. That carried on snowing und freezing for sum time but I never missed a day’s wark. Arter we hed run out o’jobs in the farm yard our Master got us sum wark a’helpin the Council a’clearin the snow drifts from the roads. My job was to walk along the top of the snow drifts with a metal rod which I ha’a shove down inta the snow t’meake sure there weren’t a car burrowed in the snow. I’ll tell yu how hard that froze, there a gret old pond in the farm yard which we ha’a clear the snow orf so our Master could hold a skating party on it, to clear the snow we were able to drive a tractor with a snow plough on acrors the ice with-out it breaking.
Cos when the snow went und the ground finally thawed out we were all behind with the land work so to git the ground ploughed we were a’goin from 6 am to 10pm. Two on us shared one tractor und plough – I did the 2pm – 10pm shift. There weren’t a lot o’folk about durin the night but one or two on um complained about the noise the tractor were making arter 8pm. The only mistake I made were when I went into a field I han’t bin in afore I ploughed up a footpath that went right across the middle o’the field.

Talkin about Sugar Beet, I see that the Beet Factories at Cantley & Bury are a stayin open until the middle o’March this year cos that hev bin too wet for some farmers t’git their old beet outa the ground. I wonder how much sugar there goin to be in the beet arter they hev bin standin in water, frozen und then thawed out agen. There must be some or they wouldn’t be a’keeping them two factories open.

Durin the snow the Missus und I hev bin walking round the Millennium Green, that were good to see some children using their sledges on the slope round the out door theatre. Arter the snow hed gone und the weather warmed up that did’t take long for the Primroses long to start flowering.
While the snow were laying in the garden I could see that we were getting Deer in the garden over night. Now I don’t mind deer but I don’t like them a’nibbling the Bluebells that are starting to peep through. I could see that the deer were a’gettin in by pushing through the hedges on both sides o’the garden so I hev bin und got sum posts und a roll of stock fencing t’stop them a getting in, The stock fencing hev got a large mesh so smaller creatures like Hedgehogs could git in and out o’the garden. I hev scrapped round und got the fencing up afore the birds start nesting.

Them boys up at Carra Rood are playin well at the moment , if they keep a’goin like this they could be playin with the big boys next year, thas just a pity that supporters can’t be there t’cheer them on. There don’t seem t’be any good news coming up the A140 from the “Tractor Boys” I han’t heard from my Brother recently!! (He recon he support Ipswich) I see from the news today that the Tractor Boy’s manager, Mr Lambert, is on his way outa the door. That seem a rummin that he could do such a good job with Norwich und then a few years later fail with the Tractor Boys. One difference could be that he han’t got the same two trainers with him this time, one on um is doin a good job at Kings Lynn Football Club at the moment.

Thas goin to be a while before I’ll be gettin out on the garden, thas to wet und the soil hev gotta warm up a bit, these still plenty t’do though, I hev got a list und when I finish that one I know the Missus hev got a list un all.

Fare ye well t’gether und du yu keep a’troshin,

Stay Safe

The Boy Tom