The Boy Tom’s ramblings for April 21

Well how are yu all a’gettin on t’gether?
A’time I hev started a’writin this thas a rare day outside (March 31st)   Thas bin up to 24c accordin to my weather station durin the middle part o’the day.    For the past couple o’days I hev bin a layin some paving stabs.  Do yu know when the old sun hebin up two t’three hours I ha’a take my old jacket orf cos I were gettin suffin hot.   Anyhow I hev finished a’layin on um now so I hev drawed inside for me fourses.    Afore I come in I ha’a go round und water them plants in pots cos they were getting suffin dry with all this heat.   Mind you that aint a’goin t’last cos they recon we could git sum sleet cum Easter Monday.  If that had bin a normal Easter there could be a’lot o’folk who would be a’wondering why they decided to go a camping over the holiday week-end!!
Cos this is the time o’year when sheep farmers are busy lambing.    Thas a twenty four a day job cos sheep don’t stop lambing just cos thas dark.     A time back I were helping with a large (1000) ewe flock in Suffolk durin lambing.   The Shepherd he lived in a caravan beside the sheep shed for six weeks while they were a’lambing.  Cos thas nothin new cos Shepherds used t’hev huts that they pulled about the farm t’be near the sheep where ever they were grazing on the farm.    Durin the 1970s when I were a warkin for a big company who made sheep medicines und I used t’go und see the shepherd at the Holkham Estate und when he were a lambin he still used on o’them old shepherd huts. Them huts were all made the same inside. They hed a stove to keep the hut warm. At the back o’the hut there were a bunk type bed for the shepherd to use. That were well orf the floor cos under it were a pen where the shepherd could keep any sick lambs so they were in the warm und he could keep an eye on um.
 Today you can now buy a brand new shepherds hut t’stand in yar garden t’sit in.    Sum folk hev them fitted out as holiday homes, that Mawther with a gret lot o’children who farm in the Yorkshire Dales und cum on the TV. she hev got one  she hire out for folk t’stay in.  I know sumbody who hev bin un stayed in it for a night or two with his Missus:  He recon that were alright apart from the fact that han’t got a toilet.  I did ask him how he cum on when he wanted t’go,  he recon there were plenty o’moorland behind the old hut.  I won’t tell yu what else he said cos thas a bit rude.
Now them up at Whitehall hev let the covid brakes orf a’bit there’ll be plenty o’folk wantin t’git out und about over Easter.    Thas a’goin t’be nice t’meet up w’folk who you han’t seen for a while.    I know a’lot o’folk hev bin meetin acrors the internet but that ain’t the same as seeing them for real.    the Missus und I are a’lookin forward to seeing our Grand Children for the fust time since last year.    I recon they will hev grown a bit und I recon they’ll be a thinkin that the Missus und I look a bit older.
Them Canaries up at Carra Rood are still top o’the tree,   less hope they can stay there until the end o’the season.   I know I hev said it a’for  but thas a shame that folk haven’t bin able t’go und see them.   Only a few more games t’go so less hope they can keep a’winin OTBC. (On The Ball City)
I’ll tell yu suffin I hev just dun, I set sum fertile eggs down under two o’my female Bantams.  Game Keepers used t’use Bantams t’set on Pheasant’s eggs in the spring so they would hev plenty o’birds for the Autumn shoots.   The reason they used bantams is because they sit tight for the twenty one days that teake to hatch out the eggs und they good mothers. They do git orf the eggs for a drink & suffin to eat but then they go back before the eggs git cold.  I got my eggs from somebody in the village who keep a Cockerel with his Rare Breed hins so I know the eggs should be fertile but I don’t know what sort of birds I’ll git until they hatch out.  He did ask me if I wanted a fertile duck egg to hatch out, I ha’a say no t’that one. The reason I am a’dewin this is corse the bantams I keep are gettin old (like me) one on um is at least eight year old so she hant got many years left.  I say t’the Missus thas a pity she can’t set an egg under an old hin so that’ll hatch out another me…..she didn’t say anything….she just gimi one o’har looks.
Fare ye well t’gether und du yu keep a’troshin
Stay safe
The Boy Tom