The Boy Tom’s May ramblings

Well how are yu all a’gettin on t’gether?
Last time I hed a wud along with yu I were a’goin on about how hot that were: well this time I’m a’goin t’say how cold & dry that hev bin.
That airn’t good growin weather.   I hev bin round with the old hose pipe und watering can several times since Easter.   The trouble is nothin is growin how it should.   Normally at this time o’year I’d be a gettin the Missus’s tender shrubs shrubs  outa the green house so I can be a’gettin it ready for my tomato plants.
I hev put my Sweet Pea plants out but they aren’t a movin at all.
While the Missus und I were driving about during last week  I see that several farmers hev bin irrigating their winter cereals.   Most o’the sugar beet seed hev bin drilled, but they won’t start a’growin without sum warm weather und a drop o’rain.    They recon we are a goin t’git sum rain und high winds next Monday but they don’t talk on it getting any warmer!  As I hev said afore, thas no good trying t’beat Mother Nature cos she’ll allus win.   The only thing yu can du is to hold yar hosses until the wind is blowin the right way.  My dear old Father used t’say that yu ha’a wait until the weather were set fare over Will’s mothers.
Another thing I told yu last time was how I hed set some eggs down under my   old Bantams.     Well the eggs hev hatched orf,   out o’the six eggs I set down five on um hatched out.    The chicks are a doin alright,  they are all different colours so ,at the moment I don’t know how many of um will be hins und how many on um will be cockerels?    They are shut up at the moment und I’m am a’goin t’wait until we git sum warm weather before I open the hut door so they can hev a look outside.
If any on yu are a’goin past the Village Hall you’ll see that the old Hunton Hoss Plough that stand twix the hev got sum on it missing.    Thas cos the wooden handles hev bin taken orf cos they want tricolating up a bit.  Them handles must be suffin old cos they were with the plough when that were bought for the village sum  twenty year ago.     I bet they could tell sum tales?   Talking about hoss ploughing hears a question for you:    One ploughman  with two hosses und a single furra plough was reckoned to plough an acre a day,  if he plough an acre a’day how many miles did the Ploughman walk ?    I’ll give yu the answer at the bottom of the page.
Another I see when I were out on my old bike were sum folk a putting rabbit netting round their garden.   That got me thinking about the time when sum on us put some rabbit netting up down at the village school.      That were when the school were a lot smaller with only fifty little uns on the register so they used the field twix the school und the church to play football on.   The Headmaster recon he couldn’t let them run about or play football there cos that were too dangerous cos rabbits were drawin outa the hedge on the far side und scrapping little holes.  It the children were running about they might put their foot inta one of them holes und trip over.    I were a School Governor at the time und we decided to hev  wud with them up at norwich t’see if they could cum und put sum nettin along the fence, they recon they could but that would set the school back ni on £2000.     Thas a lot of money now but in the 1980s that were more than the school could lay out.    The Governors und the Teacher Parents Association wanted it done so we decided to do it ourselves.    I got the wire netting und staples,  I think that corst less than £40.   One Saturday morning a group on us drawed down to the school und set about diggin a trench along the fence, set the netting in & fixed it to the fence.  Yu ha’a set the nettin inta the ground  or the rabbits will burrow under it. The Missus und other Mawthers kept us supplied with tea und cake while the little uns helped fill in the trench.   By mid-day we hed finished und the children could play games with-out worrying about a putting their foot down a rabbit hole. The trouble is that we did not have camera phones then so I don’t think there are any photos.
I see on the local BBC news tuther night they were a’showin a robot tractor that were working on a farm hoeing on a field between rows of onions.   They recon thas the way forward cos once that hev the field edges programmed into it the machine could wark on its own day and night.   That could only do light jobs, that weren’t big enough to plough.   That cost over £100.000 which is about the same as sum tractors cost today.    That weren’t very big so farmers would hev to buy more than one on um.    The BBC Man recon that in farming there were the Hoss, then the Tractor und now the Robot.     I recon that will happen corse Tractors und Combines already hev self steering using Satellites und Lasers.
While I hev bin a’written this Norwich hev bin a’playin against Reading. they hev wun 4 -1 which mean they are the Championship League Champions OTBC.
Du yu know we hev an old Cock pheasant who cum inta the garden every evening at about the same time , 5.30pm.   He allus announce he hev arrived by calling out und rufflin his feathers.  He strut around as if he own the place. Sometimes he bring a couple of hin pheasants with him.  They pick up any seeds that hev dropped orf the bird feeders.   While the hin pheasants are a’feedin he keep a look out for um und only feed himself when they wander orf.  Thas is lovely to see um.
Cos since I last hed a wud with yu we hev lost Prince Phillip.  99 year old is a good age for anybody, at least thas nice t’now that he enjoyed most his retirement in Norfolk.    I remember somebody, who hed met him, sayin that the Prince recon that if he couldn’t go about his business with-out being disturbed at Sandringham there was no where else he could go.
Fare ye well t’gether und du yu keep a’troshin
The Boy Tom
PS. the answer is approx. 11 miles.