The Boy Tom’s June ramblings

How are yu all a’gettin on t’gether?

Well we hev hed a Bank holiday when folk could git about & see each other .
Cos the weather played it’s part by keeping the rain away und given us some rare weather. My old weather station is showin 25.1c while I am a’writin this. (Wednesday 2nd June). Cos the weather hant allus bin like this in early June. Folk were a’talkin on the wireless t’day about how there were snow on this day one year durin the late 1960s. I can’t remember that but I do remember when that snowed while we were a’planting potatoes und when I tunned round at the end of the row the snow hed covered my mark in the ground so I hed a job t’line me work up on the way back across the field.

I’ll tell yu suffin else that should hev a’bin happening t’day if we were in normal times…..that would hev bin the fust day o’the Suffolk Show und that mean that four weeks today would hev bin the first day o’the Norfolk Show. As they can’t be at the shows I see one or two o’them big machinery dealers here abouts are a’havin open days for customers at their depots so farmers can draw along und hev a look at the latest machines the dealers hev in stock.

Talkin about shows got me a thinkin about how they hev changed over the years. When I were a boy in the 1950s I can remember that when we went to the Norfolk Show the fust thing you used t’see as yu driv onto the car park were sum great old thatching ladders on a stand a’sticking up into the sky. I think the firm that were a’shown them cum from Lincolnshire. Our Father used to go to the show a lot earlier in the day than us with his Boss so when we (m’Mother & us two boys) cum later, Fathers Sister-in-law took us cos we dint hev a car, so we ha’a arrange to meet him und that was allus the same place: near the thatched clock that were on the Eastern Electricity Board Stand. This stand were near the middle o’the show ground und yu could see the clock from any where on the ground. Later the show ground hed a stand built with a bigger clock on top und thas were folk arranged to meet each other, I think that were called the Jack Read stand.

Them old Suger Beet aren’t a’growin very quick, they recon the plants should be touching in the rows at the Suffolk Show und across the rows at the Norfolk Show. The way they are a’growin that’ll be lucky if they are meatin in the row by the Norfolk show!

Them old crops in the fields aren’t the only thing to be suffering from the late spring, sum of our nesting birds are a’havin a rare bad time on it. We hev had an old Blue Tit a’nesting in one o’our nest boxes for a few year now. The Missus & I hev seen um a going in und out o’the box several days ago but now they hev stopped. They recon on that there Spring Watch programme thas on account o’the Oak Trees bein late a cummin inta leaf which mean that the caterpillars that feed on the oak leaves are late, the only thing that arn’t late are the Blue Tits a’layin their eggs which mean that when their eggs hatch out there aren’t any caterpillars for then t’feed their chicks on so their are starving t’death.
Thas good t’see that there Spring Watch programme a’drawin back t’Norfolk agin. As sum on yu might know the Young Master up at the Hall hev got a family connection with them who are doin this here Re-Wilding Project at Snettisham.

I’ll tell yu suffin I hev bin a’doin, thas a photographing sum Suffolk Horse foals. The folk who run the Suffolk Horse Society asked me if I could go and take sum photos of a Mare un foal for one o’their members who live nearby in Thetford. While I were a’doin this the lady who they belonged to asked if I could go & take some photos of the Suffolk Horses & Foals for har Boss. So I got up early today und hed a morning photographing all har horses. I ha’a start early cos of the flies that git on the horses as the day warm up und cos thas to bright in the middle o’the day, at the moment, to do much photo taking. I’ll try und send one or two on um to the lady editor of this here webpage so yu can hev a look any um. I ha’a photograph a Stallion this morning, their a bit like Bulls, you don’t trust them so I ha’a photograph him with-out goin inta his paddock. I were a getting on fine until I leant over the wooden rail fence und touched the electric fence wire that were runnin round the inside. My heart that give me a jolt, thas a good job I had my old camera strap slung round my neck cos if not I might hev dropped it.

My dear old Father used to recon that yu knew when summer were here when they started a’playin cricket! Well while I hev bin writin this I hev bin a’watchin England a’playin the New Zealanders at Lords. One o’them New Zealand batsman hev just got a hundred. I see England aren’t a’playin the young Norfolk Bowler Ollie Stone. Less hope he’ll get a game later in the summer.
The good thing is they hev let a few folk in t’watch. I spus I hâd better make the most on it before thas wall to wall football when the Euros start.

Fare ye well t’gether und du yu keep a’troshin.

The Boy Tom