The Boy Tom’s ramblings July, 21

How are yu all a’gettin on t’gether?

Well thas the longest day gone, them old nights will start a’drawin in now though I don’t recon we’ll notice any difference for a week or two.

Since I last writ suffin the Missus und I hev bin away for a week in our caravan. We din’t go far, well yu don’t hev to when yu live in Norfolk t’see suffin different.. we went all the way to Ludham Bridge. For those of yu who don’t know thas in the Norfolk Broads. We went there last year so we thought we’ed hev a return visit.

I’ll tell yu suffin what happened t’me while we were there. A’fore we went away I ha’a go und see the Doctors about a pain cos that were given me sum jip. Arter looking at me he give me sum tablets t’teake. A day or two arter we got t’Ludham that got suffin hot so I took me old braces orf und rolled me trousers up, (the Missus made me go und buy sum shorts t’wear) und I hed me shirt sleeves rolled up un all. A day or two afore we were coming home my skin started to go suffin red, even the backs of m’hands und the tops o’my ears. We hed a look at the tablet box und that recon that while I were a’takin them I ha’a stay outa the sun. Well boy that were a’job, that were still hot und sunny und I were a walkin about w’me sleeves rolled down, wearin me trousers agin und hevin a wide brimmed hat on’m’ed. Still that worked und arter a day or two my skin were back t’its normal colour.

Apart from that we hed a good time und we hed a sail on a boat my Brother keep moored near where we were a stayin. Thas a sailin boat but he used the engine cos he recon if he put the sail up we would ha’a keep changing seats according t’which way the wind were a blowin.He let me hev a go at steerin it. That were a job cos I could only see down one side o’the boat as the cabin roof got in the way und I could’t stand up cos I’d hev hit m’hid on the sail boom. Still that were a wide bit o’water we were on und there weren’t many boats about (England were a’playin football) that arternoon.

When we cum home there were plenty t’du in the garden. Them old weeds grow what ever the weather und things hed started a flowerin the Missus even hed sum sweet peas t’cut. We hev hed a big job a goin on in the garden this week, we hev hed a tree cut down, that were a gret old tree that were a startin t’die. I got a man in the village t’do it. He turned up with 3 younguns und a lot of tackle t’du the job. cos where the tree was they din’t hev a’lot o’room t’wark in they ha’a climb the tree & cut bits orf und git them down on the end o’a rope. Well there were ropes u’layin about there every where. The Missus und I were a warkin about in the garden so I told the har t’keep well away from the ropes corse she could find har self caught up in one on um und find herself hanging upside down half way up the tree……….She din’t say anything but I could feel har given me one of har looks.
Thas suffin I wouldn’t want t’du swinging about on a rope up the tree with a chain saw hanging orf your harness. I hed a wud with one o’them fellas arter he cum down, he recon he were 35 years old und he’ed only hev about another five years left t’be swinging about up trees. Chain saws are a very dangerous bit of kit und before any one um cut through one o’the branches up the tree the whole thing was talked through several times before the chainsaw was started up.

I’ll tell yu suffin else we hev hed in the garden und thas an old rat. We see that a’lookin for food under one o’the bird feeders one afternoon und then I see it agin the next morning. I allus hev some bait boxes round the garden so I made sure they were topped up with poison und set a couple o’cage traps t’see if I could catch it. Well they hev bin set nigh on a week now und so far I hev caught three Blackbirds, two Squirrels a Hedge Sparrow und a Hedgehog. (they were all set free with no harm to any of them) I were pleased t’see the old hedgehog, that were in a ball so when I opened the trap that rolled out, I left it be for a minute or two und when I went back that hed unrolled itself und were looking around. I went orf t’get it suffin to eat but when I come back that hed gone. We hev put some food out for it for the last night or two und I hev set up my trail camera t’see if that come. So far all I hev seen is a blackbird helpin itself to the food in the early morning still there’s plenty o’room in the garden for the hedgehog to find food un there’s plenty places where it can hev a rest.
I han’t seen the old rat any more either so I hope it hev either had a taste o’the poison in one o’the bait boxes or hev moved on.

Them young footballers are a’goin well at the moment in the Euros. They recon thas the fust time we hev beaten the Germans since 1966 in a knock out competition. Thas when yu know how old yu are cos I can remember that game un all. Wimbledon hev started un all un for a change several of our players hev got through the fust round. We were a’watchin that fella Murrey last night when he won his match at 10.30pm. The Missus und I recon we were as tired as he was when the game finished. A lot on um seem to be falling about on the grass, I recon they would du better if they wore spikes on their shoes, although I recon the Groundsman would hev suffin t’say before that happened.

As least we aren’t a’havin the hot weather like they are over the water in Canada & America at the moment. We don’t want it that hot here although that would be more like summer if old Mother Nature turned the wick up a bit for us.

Fare ye well t’gether und du yu keep a’troshin

The Boy tom.