The Boy Tom’s August ramblings

Well how are yu all a’gettin on t’gether?
Cos thas the school holidays now und sum folk will be a’goin away on holiday, they recon a lot on um are a cummin t’Norfolk instead of a’goin over the water, thas good for them folk who ha’a shut down their holiday business last year. That give them a chance the meake up for lost ground.
I’ll tell yu suffin I hev noticed during the last time of two I hev drawed inta a petrol station t’fill up my old car, there’s nearly allus sum o’the pumps covered up cos they hev run out und are awaiting for sum more to be delivered.   They recon thas a happening cos there aren’t enough lorry drivers cos them who drive lorries but come from over the water hev gone home und there hant bin any new drivers comin in from this country cos the HGV tests hev bin stopped cos of Covid.      Less hope they get them tests a goin agin cos you can earn a tidy wage as a lorry driver , I see in the peaper yesterday one firm advertising for drivers t’cart farm equipment round this country und over the water , the starting wage is £48 -£51000 a year.
That were different in the early 1960s when I driv a lorry , you din’t even ha’a hev an HGV then. The fust lorry I driv were and old petrol Bedford a’cartin beet inta Bury Beet Factory from Carleton Rode, (thas in South Norfolk)  The old lorry used t’burn 12gallons o’petrol every trip. The petrol tank on the lorry only held 16 gallons so I ha’a fill up arter each trip.   On another farm were I worked we hed a lorry for cartin the corn inta a grain store straight off the combine.  The only trouble was I ha’a go through Wroxham on every trip.  That used t’teak for ever as they were still using the old bridge with no traffic lights.   In the middle o’Wroxham they used t’hev a man a’standin on a white box in the middle o’the cross roads a’directin the traffic, He was dressed in white und I don’t think he were a policeman I seem t’remember that he was employed by Roys.
Well them old farmers made a good start with the corn harvest until them tempests cum along this week.    They hev bin a’shown one farmer on the TV who hev hed all his field beans cut t’shreds.  Farmers who hant cut their Oil Seed Rape will be a wondering how much they will harvest cos you ha’a wait until the rape seed have ripened in the pod before you harvest it.  The only trouble is when the crop dry up that become suffin brittle, They recon if you sneeze near the crop sum o’the oil seed will drop out.  The last thing you want are hail stones und high winds.   Suffin that used t’happen when the corn crops were nearly ripe was that a nigh wind or heavy rain would meak the crops lodge or go completely flat cos the straw stems weren’t strong enough t’hold up the heavy ears of corn.  I remember seeing fields of corn completely flat on the ground as if you hev bin over it with a roller.  They used r’recon if you on one side of a field o’flat corn you could see a mouse runnin out the tuther side.  That were a job t’harvest them und if that stayed wet the ears o’grain would start to sprout. That don’t happen s’much now cos the straw is a lot shorter und the farmers can used chemicals t’strengthen the stems o’the plant.
Well England din’t come home with the cup in them Euros, still they did well t’git t’the finals.    Them old Olympics hev started now, The trouble is cos they are so far away they keep a’showin the same events three or four times during the day.    I know they recon thas for folk who turn on their TVs at different times.   One thing I git fed up with, und that were the same with the Euros, is them so called experts who ha’a keep a talkin about what they would hev done different,   we don’t want t’now that, if their so clever why arn’t they our there a telling them who are takin part what t’do.   I keep a’runnin on s’much about them the Missus keep telling me t’hold my row, I know where I git it from,  my dear old father were just the same when he was a’watchin cricket or football.
The Missus und I hev a’bin busy in the garden, there were one or two day when that got to hot for us und we ha’a draw back indoors.    Thas one good thing about living in an old house with thick wall , that keep cool even when that were suffin hot outside.   I’ll tell you suffin we seem t’hev a lot on this year und thas that old bindweed.    That seem t’be everywhere this year.  We are a’doin our best t’keep on top on it but as soon as you tun round thas comin up somewhere else.
One o’our boy were a doin one of their Ultra 100 mile marathons in the Lake District last week-end, My Brother recon he’s mad , how-sum ever he finished in sum 34 hours, we were able t’see how he was a’doin cos they were all wearing trackers. That mead yu tied just t’watch where he was a’runnin. There were sum six hundred on um started und the winner did it in 19 hours.
Tuther week-end the Mrs Und I went und hed a look round a big garden that were open north o’Feaknum.    There were a gret old piece o’grass out the front, folk were a’sittin round having tea und cakes und listening to sum live music bein played by five fellas & a mawther.    The Missus recon that were like a garden party.  on the other three sides o’the house there were a lot o’little gardens all joined up so you walked outa one inta another one. A’fore we come t’leave we went into one o’the farm buildings where there were a lot o’photos on the wall that hed been taken on the farm nearby.     Two on um where showing hosses been used during harvest one on um was o’two hosses pulling a binder und tuther other showed a couple o’hisses pulling a wagon full of shoves.    The Missus recon I got more excited about these two photos and about anything I hed seen in the gardens.   I told har that these photos were part o’our history.
Fare ye well t’gether und du yu keep a’troshin
The Boy Tom