The Boy Tom’s ramblings for September ’21

Well how are yu all a’gettin on t’gether?

A’time yu are a’readin this we will hev drawed inta the last three months o’the year. I don’t think August ull be a record month for the weather we hev had unless thas for lack o’sun und warm weather. They recon Autumn hev arrived all ready, I told the Missus I’ll soon be a’puttin my old vest on agin.

Since I last hed a’werd along with yu the Missus und I hev bin away agin for a few days in our caravan. We went to Hampshire, my heart that were a job a’gettin there the roads were all jammed up wi traffic. I told the Missus I recon I could hev got the just a quick on my old bike, She said I’d hev a job cos you can’t teake a pedal bike on a motorway. That were different this time when we were a goin (slowly) round the M25 near Heathrow, mostly yu see planes a takin orf or landin one arter another, this time I think we see two planes take orf. Another thing yu see when yu git near Heathrow is them gret old grass banks on tuther side o’the road when they hev got them big old water Resevours . That got me thinkin back to the late 1970s when the grass around the water were kept cut back by several hundred sheep. During that time I were a warkin for a firm who made sold sheep medical products und once a year I ha’a drive down there und git an order for the products that would keep them sheep fit und healthy for another year. I wonder who do that now?

While we were away we went und hed a look at the Castle where they film that Downton Abbey. Thas the third time we hev hed tickets , tuther two time the old coronavirus hev beaton us back. We ha’a stand outside for about thirty minutes afore they let us in. Once inside there plenty o’space t’keep away from other folk und they hed big photos in sum o’the rooms so yu could see where they recorded the programme. I asked one fella who were standin about why we weren’t allowed t’teak photos – he recon thas corse thas a private home und the family don’t want that photographed. I din’t say anything but when we hed finished lookin round the Missus bought a book full o’photos o’the rooms we hed just been a’lookin at.
I’ll tell yu suffin they hed a lot of there und that were wasps. Arter we hed bought sum wittles (food) we ha’a find sum where outside t’sit down und eat it. The fust two tables we sat down at we ha’a move arter a minute or two cos them old wasps were everywhere. We ended up sit-in out in the middle o’the park und one or two on um still found us.
Another place we drawed along to were the Weald & Downland Living Museum, thas just over the Hampshire border in East Sussex. Thas a bit like our Gressenhall Rural Life Museum only a bit bigger. Thas also the place where they make that Repair Shop programme. We see the barn they use but you could’t git near it. There were sum farm animals un all , Southdown Sheep und Percheron Hosses. The hosses are used to pull some old farm implements und they grow crops just like they do on the farm at Gressenhall. Do yu now that there’s a Percheron Horse kept in Watton that come from the Weald Museum. I’’ll tell yu suffer else I see in the Shop at the museum, that were a book about the life o’somebody called Jack Juby. Now he come from Norfolk und sum o’his family live in Carbrooke & Jack worked with hosses all his life – just afore he died a book was produced about his life with hosses. That were a few year ago now so that were nice to see his book still bein sold. When Jack were alive if you had suffin about hosses that you could’t find the answer you were told to “Ask Jack”

Well them old farmers hev nearly finished the corn harvest. Mother Nature han’t turned the sun on too much lately so they are havin to wait for the winter wheat to ripen, a’riding about I can see that the young Master here in the village hev still a fare bit on it waiting to be cut.

Them boys up at Carra Rood han’t made too good a start to the season. Cos they hev got sum new players thas a’goin the teak them a bit o’time ti’git t’play well t’gether. Still I see they arnt the only ones t’lose 5-0 t’Manchester City und thas a long while till the end o’the season.

Yu remember how I hev told yu about setting sum hen’s eggs t’hatch under a couple of my bantams. Well the chicks are getting suffin big now und one or two on um hev started a’layin . I hev got two cockerels which I hev ha’a split them up cos they hev started fighting. I recon I shall ha’a find a new home for one on um.

Fare ye well und du yu keep a’troshin

The Boy Tom