The Boy Tom’s October ramblings

Well how are yu all a’gettin on t’gether?

Yu know I were a’tellin on yu about them new hins o’mine well they are really laying now, they aren’t very big yet but there’s allus two or three eggs every morning. The trouble is they aren’t a’layin in the proper nest box, they are a’layin up a corner under the hin house where they are spussed t’be laying. Thas a rare job t’git to cos I ha’a git on my hands und knees t’git to um – when yer my age that arnt easy. T’make the job easier I made up a sorta wooden tray. I then cleaned the straw outa the corner und shoved the tray inta there und hulled the straw back on top on it. The hins still keep a’layin there but now all I ha’a do is pull the tray out ,pick the eggs out und push the tray back a’gin. Once the weather tun a bit colder I recon there’ll be fewer eggs so I hev got a month or two t’think of suffin different t’meake the job easier on my back & knees.

I hev told yu a’fore how I like a’takin photos of hosses – well tuther Sunday I were asked if I could go und photograph sum Suffolk Hosses. They were a’holding a show in the walled garden at Euston Hall, thas just over the border inta Suffolk tuther side o’Thetford. My heart that were a lovely day, the sun were a shining und there were a master turn out of Suffolk Hosses und foals – thas the fust show a lot on um hed bin to since September 2019. Arter the hoss classes they hed the young handler classes. when yu see the hosses a’walkin round the ring let by an 10 year (At that age they have an adult assistant) thas when yu see why them big hosses are called “Gentle Giants” besides leadin them round the ring the judge inspect the hosses un allus ask the young handlers questions about the hoss they are a’leaden. Them young handlers are important cos they’ll be the next generation to keep the heavy hoss breeds a’goin.

We hev bin away in our caravan for a few days, this time we drew down to Essex with three other couples und their caravans, we stayed on a farm on what they call the Dengie peninsular. That were a rare place t’stay und we hed a look round the area for the two day we were there. On one on um we went und hed a look round the garden that were got together by Beth Chato. Thas a lovely garden, the Missus und I hev bin there a few times but not at this time o’year. Thas the trouble w’folk they recon they don’t want t’go und look at a garden cos they hev bin there a’for. But if they han’t bin at that time o’year a’fore there’ll be suffin different to see. Tuther day we went t’Maldon und hed a look at them old Thames sailing barges. They look a bit like our old Norfolk Wherries but hev got a lot o’different sails und I think that they were used for sailing along the coast while the old Norfolk wherries, w’just one sail, stuck to the broads und rivers.

I’ll tell yu suffin what happened tuther day, one o’our boys und our Granddaughter cum to see us und we went up to the millennium green. They went afore the Missus und I and when we drive inta the car park our boy recon that when he were drivin up towards the Church he see sum folk a’walkin on the path with sum little animal a runnin round their feet – he recon that looked like a Ferret, und that had run orf inta the Church yard. We din’t see it but a day or two later there were a photo of it on facebook und folk were askin who it belonged to. Less hope somebody come arter him.

At the moment all folk seem to be worried about is where can they fill their cars up w’petrol or diesel. There were folk a waiting at the garage on the main road tuther day in a great old long line t’git some juice. One thing I thought as I crowded past then on my old bike was “ if they are so short o’fuel why are they all a’sittin in their cars w’the engine runnin! At the same garage there were a sign on the pumps a’sayin No Jerry Cans. In the shop next to the garage they had lined up a special offer in the window……Jerry Cans.

Cos they short of HGV drivers, Them up at Whitehall recon they will git them drivers back who went home across the water when Covid come. I ask yu would yu come back agin t’drive a lorry for only three months finishing on Christmas Eve. There were folk on the TV tonight recon there might be a shortage o’turkeys cos they were short o’folk to look arter them und help git them ready for sale. Until they git that und other staff shortages sorted out folk’ll just ha’a learn to manage w’less.

I started by telling yu about my hins, well last time I told yu there were two cockerels un all, well they did start fighting so I ha’a git one on um out und put him in a separate pen. Well he did’t like that a bein on his own , so I let him out, arter I hed cut one o’his wings so he couldn’t fly. The Missus come with me when I cut his wing feathers, she had never seen that done afore, und I were a’usin har kitchen scissors. She started a mobbin me afore I started, I don’t know what she thought I were a goin t’du. How-sum-ever he’s living in the garden now und he’s got a name. I arn’t a’goin t’tell yu what that is cos I might upset some folk who think they hev the same name of a cockerel. I see today that them folk in Watton who re-home hins that come out of a laying shed hev got 800 hins they want to re-home. I say t’the Missus we could hev one or two or two on um to keep our cockerel company running round the garden……..she dint say anything, she just gi me one o’har looks. I found out later that she thought I meant one or two hundred.

Fare ye well t’gether und du yu keep a’troshin.

The Boy Tom