The Boy Tom’s November 21 ramblings

Well how are yu all a’gettin on t’gether?

Thas sum rum old weather we are a’havin at the moment (29th October)
Mother Nature seem like them lot up at Whitehall, she can’t make a decision about what weather we should be a’havin.
They seem t’be a’havin a rare lot o’rain in other parts o’the country und they recon some on it is a’comin our way. Still thas been a good week for them folk who are a’havin a holiday during the half term. I see in the peaper tuther day that folk are a’bookin up t’hev a camping holiday at Christmas, I wonder what Mother Nature will throw at um then? thas alright in a caravan but that could be a bit drafty in a tent.

Them up at Whitehall recon they und them others who are a cumin to this here meeting at Glasgow about climate change are a’goin to hev t’meake sum big decisions about the climate t’see us through to the end o’the century. I recon that’ll be a job und a’half cos sum on um can’t meake up their minds about was a’goin t’happen in the next five minutes.

Here’s suffin they hant thought through, thas adding this here E5 und E10 t’petrol. Thas a’right w’modern cars but what about folk who hev an older car und what are folk a’goin t’put in the engines of their lawn mowers & hedge trimmers? Luckily folk who meake these engines are selling additives for four stroke or replacement oil for two stroke engines. There’s one product you can git for four stroke engines instead of petrol but that cum in 5L containers und corst……wait for it……..£4.40p/litre. I hev used this product afore but only put it in the petrol tank just afore I lay my mower up for the winter cos that stop the fuel lines gumming up. I hev had a wud along with a man who know about these things und he recon that you can use this here new E petrol in y’mowers und only use the expensive mix every third or forth time yu fill the tank up. He did say that sum folk hed got in a rare muddle this summer with this here E5 und E10 petrol und their mowers engines hed seized up. T ‘be on the safe side I recon the best thing t’du is to ask the folk from where yu got your mower/strimmer. Cos the only thing them folk who use electric motors t’drive their garden tools hev got t’worry about is the cost of the electric.

I’ll tell yu suffin I were a’readin about in the peaper tuther day that is a’goin t’effect sum o’them farmers in the village. Yu know how arter harvest yu see them a spreading farm yard manure on the land. Well according t’what I were a’readin the Environment Agency hev bought suffin in called Farming Rules for Water. Thas now cum inta force und one o’the rules is that farmers aren’t a’goin t’be allowed t’spread farm yard manure on their land in the Autumn (arter harvest) cos that’ll breach the regulations although the inspectors who are goin to enforce it aren’t a’goin t’be about until December.

Autumn has allus been the time when farmers spread manure und plough it in cos that return humus & nutrients back inta the soil. so when are farmers supposed t’spread their farm yard manure und what about these great old outdoor pig units und sheep who graze on stubble turnips during the winter. Are farmers spus t’stop them returning their droppings onto the soil cos thas just the same as spreading muck outa the back of a gret old spreader. Perhaps thas suffin they can think about in Glasgow next week??

One thing I see this week were some sums that were printed about how much more money farmers are a’havin t’spend t’run their farms. Durin the last year up until this September their cost had gone up on average 21%. In this figure there were gret old rises in the cost o’fuel 79% und fertiliser were costing 51% more. Those on us who run a car or use oil for the central heating know how them prices hev shot up.

T’keep their fertiliser costs down sum farmers want to use more organic fertilisers, but them up at Whitehall hev now stopped them a’spreadin it on the land in the Autumn.
What is it they say about farming “You buy at retail price – sell at wholesale price und pay transport costs both ways”

Well them boys up a Carra Rood don’t seem to be a’ doin very well now they are a playin with the big boys. I see the game tuther Saturday when they lost t’Chelsea. None on um seemed t’be a’tryin, they were a’walkin about when they should hev been a’runnin. I thought they were spussed t’be fit! Arter all they only hev to work for ninety minutes a week t’draw their wages.
I wish I could hev had a job like that. We’ll ha’a see how they git on this week-end against Leeds.

Tuther day the Missus und drawed along to a gardening club meeting t’hear a Mawther talkin about Hodmedods, (thas the Norfolk wud for Hedgehogs.) She were a talkin about how their numbers are dropping und how yu can help them live in yar garden. Git a wooden box with sum dry leaves un straw in with the right size entrance so they can hibinat und havin a feeding station made outa a plastic box. I am a’goin t’set one o’them up next Spring cos we hev seen Hodmedods drawn about in our garden this year.

I am a’goin t’close now cos I told the Missus I would git the green house ready t’put har tender shrubs in for the winter so I had better be a’drawin out there a’fore the light go.

Fare ye well t’gether und du yu keep a’troshin

The Boy Tom