The Boy Tom’s ramblings May 2022

Well how are yu all a’gettin on t’gether?
Last time I hed a wurd a’long with yu I hoped that two things would happen afore I hev a wud with yu this month.  One were that Russia und Ukraine would sort them selves out und tuther were that old Mother Nature would git har act t’gether und give us some proper weather for the time o’year. Well four weeks arter writin that nothing seem to hev happened on either counts.
Russia und Ukraine are still locking horns,   this could last for sum time cos  them folk in Ukraine arnt a’goin t’give in,   this is suffin him at the top in Russia did’nt recon on happening.  Less hope they see sense und stop cos if they carry on there won’t be any country left for anybody to live in.
Old Mother Nature hev tunned the heater dial up a bit so thas warmer but when are we a’goin t’see some rain.  When I were out on my old bike a couple o’weeks ago I see a tractor working down a field belonging to the Young Master up at the Hall und the soil were so dry that the dust were blowing behind the cultivator. .Tuther day when I were out with the Missus down near Thetford I see a Farmer were irrigating his winter sown barley crop.    Farmers don’t normally irrigate any o’their cereal crops but with prices for wheat und barley going up I recon they think thas worth doin.
Since I last hed a wud along with yu the Missus und I hev bin away with our caravan.   No we han’t bin over the water ,we aren’t a’goin t’du that no more cos we are gettin a bit long in the tooth for that caper.   any how there a plenty o’places in this country we want t’visit agin.    So we hev kicked orf with a trip t’the Yorkshire Dales, we used t’go there a lot sum thirty t’forty year ago with our three children.   Thas a fair way t’go, ni on two hundred miles , still once yu git up the A17  t’Newark thas duel carriage nearly all the way. I thought the price of fuel where high down here but in one o’them service areas on the A1 I see that diesel  were £1.99p/ litre.
While we were in the Dales we went und had a look at where they meake the Wensleydale Cheese.   There were plenty of folk there so arter having a look at how they meake the cheese we drawed inta the shop where they were selling it.   My heart there were a rare lot o’different types und they hed cut pieces of cheese orf so yu could hev a taste on it afore yu ha’a buy it.   I say t’the Missus that we didn’t ha’a go inta their cafe for sum food , if we drawed round the shop two or three times tasting their samples o’cheese as we went round that’d be the same as a getting  some food in the cafe……… The Missus told me t’hold my row cause she recon folk were a’starin at me.
A’drivin round the dales yu could see that they could du with a’rain un all.   There wernt a lot o’grass in the fields und the rivers were very low.  When we went t’hev a look at the Ribblehead viaduct I see an old ewe havin a drink outa one o’the down pipes on one o’the viaduct pillars.    The weather changed the evening afore we come home,   that started t’rain und carried on all through the night und stopped just afore I drawed outa bed at seven o’clock the  following mornin, that were what my dear old Father would hev called “a growin rain” The trouble was that din’t follow us home to Norfolk when we left at about half arter nine.
I’ll tell yu suffin I hev a’started doing in the garden,  I hev started feeding Hedgehogs.   I knew hed got sum in the garden und the Missus bought me a hedgehog feeding box.   A month or two ago we hed bin to a talk at our Gardening Club from a Mawther who were a telling us all about looking arter hedgehogs,   how-sum-ever we put some cat food und clean water inta the box, yu don’t use bread und milk cos that an’t good for um, und I rigged up my camera trap.  A Hedgehog found the box on the first night und then the night arter that the box were visited by hedgehogs five times.  The trouble is I can’t work out if thas five different hedgehogs visiting once or one hedgehog coming back five times durin the night.
Well them boys up at Carra Rood have fell through the trapdoor back into the Championship League.  The trouble is they just hant bin good enough all season.  That’ll be interesting to see which players stay und which ones leave cos the present manager, Mr Smith, will want’ta git players who will play for him und the supporters.
They tell me that the village Heritage Group are holding a ‘Tea and Memories’ arternoon at the Village Hall on 20th May from 2 – 4pm. They are looking for folk who hev memories of living in the village und would like t’cum along und tell members o’the group about they’re memories over a cup o’tea und cake.   If you hev any photos the group would be interested in looking at these as well.    As the Missus und I hev lived here for fifty years I recon we’ll be there. If you are interested in coming along then contact the group on 01953 885353 or Email:   If yu can’t git there don’t worry cos the group can arrange to come und git yu.  Yu never know that might be me who come und fetch you und take you back home agin afterwards!
Fare ye well t’gether und du yu keep a’troshin.
The Boy Tom