June ramblings form the Boy Tom

How are yu all a’gettin on t’gether?

Hope yu orl enjoyin’ that there Platinum Jubilee! Har Majesty hev done well, thas a pity Prince Phillip aint still here t’see har over the line. Still with all else was a’goin on in the World thas good t’hev suffin t’teake yar mind orf all them troubles und hev suffin t’cheer about. They reckon that the shop keepers are hoping we are a’goin t’spend a bit o’money with um t’help with the celebrations. With the prices of everything on the up I don’t think folk will be loosening their purse strings to much.

Cos sum on us are old enough t’remember har Coronation. That were a moderate day un all with a fare bit o’rain, I seem t’remember that while everybody in the royal procession in London hed the hoods up on their carriages cos o’there rain the Queen o’Tonga kept hars down so she could wave t’all the folk lining the route to Westminster Abbey. Where we lived there were a village party in a farmers barn that we went to. There were a fancy dress competition for the children und my dear old Mother hed been busy for a few weeks a’meakin fancy-dress costumes for m’bother und myself.. He was a drummer boy und I was Sar Walter Raleigh. I remember that there were several on us children dressed up und we ha-a walk round in a circle t’be judged. Neither on us won – that went to the children of the farmer who owned the barn we were havin the party in. Dear old Mum wernt best pleased cos she recon that their fancy-dress costumes hed bin bought where-as the rest on us where wearing home made costumes. Mum meade a lot of clothes for us, she also meade dresses for other folk und when my Brother und I went orf to Agricultural College she got har self a job teachin needle work at a local Girls High School.
Suffin else I remember from the Coronation was that the Norfolk Education committee give all the school children in Norfolk a New Testament Bible, I hev still got mine und thas on a shelf behind me as I am a’writing this.

At the beginning o’the month I were asked t’go und take sum photos o’Suffolk Horses at a one day show been held twix Thetford und Bury. My heart there were a rare crowd o’folk there cos thas the fust time that show hev bin held since 2019. There were a good turnout o’Suffolks there including a this years foal. Thas a’goin t’be the Royal Norfolk Show in four weeks time und I am a’goin t’be there takin photos of the Suffolk hosses und the Rare Breed Animals on show. They tell me that the Princess Royal is a’goin t’be there so I expect she will be runnin har eye over the Suffolk hosses cos she own one on um although thas looked arter & shown by somebody else.

They tell me that the Heritage Group in theVillage hed a good arternoon at the Village Hall when they organised a Tea und Cake event for those who hed lived in the village for a few years so they could git them a’talkin about their village memories. They are a’goin t’be hevin another arternoon at the village hall on June 24th for folk t’come along und help sort und catalogue the artefacts they hev collected t’gether.

A couple o’week ago the Missus und I went with a few other folk t’hev a look at the Rhododendrons at Stody. Thas in north Norfolk just past Melton Constable. We hev been there afore but my heart I recon thas the best we hed seen um. They’ll be over by now but if you git a chance next year du yu go und hev a look.

Another thing I hev noticed while I hev bin a’ridin about on my old bike is that Winter Wheats und Barleys really seem to be a’runnin inta ear really early, if we keep a’gettin a drop o’rain und warm weather then I recon that’ll be anearly harvest. Talkin about things growin fast, then old weeds in the garden seem t’be shooting up really fast this year, I hev told yu afore that we hev got Ground Elder in the garden und this year that really seem t’be growin so fast that thas a job for the Missus und L t’keep on top on it.

Well them up a Carra Rood will ha’a git ready for life in the Championship league next season. There’s bound t’be some changes in the playin boys und I read that there’s a BaseBall team owner who want’t invest some money in the club. From what I read about him he seem t’be somebody Delia could du business with. I’ll tell yu suffin else at least my Brother will be quiet for another year cos them Tractor Boys are still in league one.

Far ye well t’gether und du yu keep a’troshin

The Boy Tom