Booking conditions and policies

Conditions of Hire and Responsibilities of Hirer

As agreed by the Trustee’s of Carbrooke Village Hall, Church Street Carbrooke IP25 6SW.

The Hirer of the Hall undertakes to abide by the following health, safety and general responsibilities:

  1. They will be held responsible for the supervision of the hall. During the hire period the hall’s protection is in their care. Further, the hirer is responsible for the behaviour of those using the hall. The hirer will supervise car parking and ensure traffic can get into and out of the hall car park, and more especially pass up and down the road adjacent to the hall and access the Millennium Green in case of emergency.
  2. They shall not sublet the hall, or use the hall for any unlawful purpose or in any unlawful way or bring anything on to the premises, which will put the hall insurance at risk.
  3. To comply with licensing laws, they will not be allowed to bring their own alcohol onto the premises.
  4. They will not fix any additional fixtures or alter any fixtures in the hall only with permission of the hall trustee’s.
  5. Take rubbish home if the wheelie bins are full at the hall. All the bins must be emptied and new liners put in place, failure to do so will result in the loss of the deposit.
  6. They will meet the booking secretary at the hall to collect any keys needed and to ensure the condition of the hall can be checked, and the hirer is satisfied with the hall.
  7. They will pay for any damage caused to the hall or its contents

The hirer will pay for any loss of income caused by damage done during the hire period if the damage or repairs causes the hall to be in an un-rentable state.

  1. If they cancel and no other hirer can be found they, at the discretion of the Trustee’s, may be asked to pay all or part of the hire fee.
  2. At the end of the hire period they must leave the hall and the surrounds in a clean and tidy condition. Unless asked otherwise please ensure that all doors are closed and the kitchen door is locked. All heaters in the kitchen and hall are switched off and the alarm is reset as instructed by the booking secretary. Please clean and return the tables and chairs to the stage at the end of your session. If the hall has to be cleaned after your event then you will forfeit your deposit.
  3. If your booking is cancelled because of a local or general election you will be refunded any fee paid in advance as the use of the Hall as a Polling Station is a priority over other bookings.
  4. No access to the hall will be allowed until the deposit and rent have been paid.
  5. No smoking is allowed in the hall as required by Smoke-free (Premises and Enforcement) Regulations that came into effect on the 1st July 2007.Smoking will be permitted outside but not in the vicinity of the gas cylinders and all cigarette ends must be disposed of.
  6. The maximum number of people allowed in the hall as per the Entertainment Licence granted by Breckland Council and the Fire Safety Officer are:

For a dance without tables and chairs      140

For a dance with tables and chairs           100

Function with Table and Chairs                120

For seated audience                                  140

  1. All electrical equipment brought into the hall including disco equipment must be PAT tested to ensure electrical safety.
  2. The first aid kit and book is in the bottom draw in the kitchen.
  3. Please ensure no-one BLOCKS ANY FIRE ESCAPE EXIT.

Fire Safety

Fire Escape Exits - In case of suspected or actual fire, the absolute priority is to evacuate the building through the Labelled Fire Exits. When STANDING FACING AWAY FROM THE STAGE, these are located at the RIGHT of the entrance to the main hall and to the LEFT of the stage at the end of the hall. The main entrance to the hall is also a FIRE ESCAPE route but should only be used as a last resort to avoid proximity to the LPG storage cylinders near the main etrance.

In case of power failure, emergency lights will illuminate exit routes.

During adult supervised Playgroup sessions the hall fire escape exits may be security chained (using quick release hooks) to prevent egress of the children and unauthorised access by others. Outside these times these chains are detached and the doors open outwards on pushing the release bars.

When exiting the hall, people should be led around the end of the hall away from the main hall entrance – to avoid the LPG storage tank area, and assemble at the rear of the hall in the car park. At the earliest opportunity, once evacuation is completed, dial 999 and summon the Fire and Rescue Service to attend:

Carbrooke Village Hall

Church Street,



IP25 6SW

Fire fighting equipment:

Only to be used if safe and hall is completely evacuated. Water, Carbon Dioxide and Dry Powder extinguishers are located around the hall and kitchen areas. The use of these extinguishers is indicated on the wall mounted notices with each device. A Fire Blanket is located in the kitchen area.

In case of a large crowd presence where a voice alert may not be effective, a hand pneumatic operated warning horn should be used to gain peoples’ attention – one of these is located in a labelled box in the Hall by the Kitchen.

Carbon Monoxide – CO alarms are located in the main hall on each side wall. If the alarm of these alarms goes off – please follow the instructions adjacent to each alarm and evacuate the hall until the Calor Gas emergency services can assure the safety of all heating devices.

Food preparation guidelines

Food preparation facilities in the hall are mainly restricted to making hot drinks and use of microwave oven for re-heating. Guidance notices on food preparation can be found in the kitchen area and the usual safety arrangements must be employed when using kettles and microwave devices – these should not be used by children. 

Our safeguarding policy

This statement of policy and procedures applies to users of, and activities in, Carbrooke Village Hall and any ancillary activities which are the responsibility of the Village Hall Trust. This policy is in place to protect all children and vulnerable adults regardless of gender, ethnicity, disability, sexuality, religion or faith. You can download our full policy by clicking the link below:

Carbrooke Village Hall Safeguarding Policy