About Carbrooke Village Hall

carbrooke Village hall

The Hall

Carbrooke Village Hall is a registered charity (no 303923) that was established in 1963. Its objects as registered with the Charity Commission are as follows:

A Village Hall for the use of the inhabitants of Carbrooke and the neighbourhood without distinction of sex or of political, religious or other opinions and in particular for use for meetings, lectures and classes and for other forms of recreational leisure time occupation with the said object of improving the conciliations of life for the said occupants.

Hire charges

Hourly weekday/evening rate for residents of Carbrooke £7.00.

Hourly weekday/evening rate for non-residents of Carbrooke £8.00.

Saturdays and Sundays: 10.00 per hour up until 5pm.

From 5pm onwards on a Saturday evening the hire will be £75.00 flat rate.

The deposit will remain £100.

If a Bar is required, it will be £15.00 per hour.

The Committee

Ed Buscall - Chair

Debbie Muller

Claire Talbot

Angela Birkby

Hall Clerk - Karrie Richards

Bar Manager and Caretaker - Alan Willer